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We've got you covered. MomBod is for pregnant moms from all walks of life, whether you are running marathons or have never paid attention to health and wellness before. Pregnancy is a great time to start paying more attention because staying active and making healthy choices will greatly benefit you and your baby. MomBod isn’t about how you look; it’s about how you feel. And we are here to help you feel great! MomBod is here for you as a support and accountability tool because we know it’s not easy to do this alone.

Track your nutrition We have partnered with Nutrionix to provide you with a database full of food input options. There is also a barcode scanner which will make inputting even easier for you. Tracking your meals is a great way to stay accountable with healthy eating.

At MomBod we do NOT promote weight loss or anything to do with body image, but we are in favor of healthy eating, and sometimes keeping track of things helps. It can also be a great tool if you have certain complications such as gestational diabetes or help narrow down what doesn’t sit right with your body. Food diaries are never meant to shame yourself, it’s all about balance! Some days we eat donuts, and some days it’s kale smoothies. Accountability is key.
Follow pregnancy progress Stay informed with weekly updates on you and your baby with size and size comparisons, details on babies growth and milestones, and tips and tricks and common symptom updates for your body specific to your stage in pregnancy.
Join the community Keep a log of milestones and journal through your pregnancy journey with our Journal feature. Journaling is a great way to stay on top of mental health, but also fun to look back at your pregnancy stages and different things you went through along the way.

This feature has both public and private options. You can make private journal entries, and also make public ones and post a photo with others. This is a great place to support and encourage each other, ask questions, and commiserate.

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