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I created the idea for MomBod when I was pregnant with my third child. I was in a transitional time in my life and I realized how much my choices had affected my life and I was ready for change. I have done a lot of harm to my body in the past, and it felt important to start taking my health and wellness a bit more seriously. Neither of my other pregnancies was very enjoyable. I was a miserable mental mess, and was very sore, and did not move around a lot. I had terrible anxiety and postpartum depression after my second baby and, although it is sometimes inevitable, I knew that for my next child I really wanted to position myself to thrive instead of going back to that place.

I started looking for a program to help keep me accountable as I began this journey. However, I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. Pregnancy is often seen as a time when women should take it easy and not do much. While I understand there are high-risk pregnancies, I believe light exercise and nutrition, and even tracking mental health, should be a regular thing for expecting moms. There should be more encouragement to do these things instead of eating ice cream and pickles while you watch Netflix. I would love to see a world where pregnancy is a time where women enjoy preparing for motherhood and start making healthy choices that benefit us and our children. A beautiful time of transition as we lay aside the old and embrace the new.

I created MomBod to help create the transition for women to lay aside the old and embrace the new. I want to be the support system new mothers need. You may not have anyone else to support you or have your back, but this community is here for you. Welcome to MomBod!

Meet the team

Morgan Sutherland

MomBod Owner and Creator
I am a mom of three and have gone through pregnancy three times. I know how important it is to stay fit and healthy and how easy it is to let everything go when pregnant. This can cause complications, longer recovery time, more weight gain, extra pain as you grow, and make delivery harder and longer. Nobody wants to talk about pregnancy health and why it's so important, but I want to go there. Women are powerful, and pregnancy does not have to limit them. Being strong and healthy is good for you and your baby. It is not about weight gain but about being strong, resilient, responsible, and healthy. I want to highlight what a privilege it is to be a mom and grow a little one inside of you. I want to help women use health to decrease complications and depression and feel like the strong warriors they are.

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